Competition task

Hloubětín is a community of people who wish to communicate among themselves but have no place for their activity.A community centre should provide a start for social and cultural life.

The intention is to create a social facility for the entire locality, which would create space for meetings of local groups,and include a cafe and a small social hall. Our goal is to build an inexpensive structure with low operating costs, a setting where the local people can arrive and create their own program.

As a building, the community centre should make use of the potential of the beautiful church and the gardens. We would like to build something attractive, which makes use of these gardens and is pleasing for the residents.Our great hope is that the local inhabitants welcome the plan.

From the competition, we expect it to lead to a place that will become the symbol of Hloubětín.

Hloubětín needs its own centre of culture, and this role should be held by the community centre. Then, the district will have its own heart, reflecting the needs of the place – of the heart of Hloubětín.


District mayor of Prague 14

Radek Vondra

A community centre should be a place where everyone feels included in the social and cultural life of the locality (no one is excluded).

More is expected from a building than mere fulfilment of a program. The way in which the individual parts are placed together can support the function, the accessibility, the openness.

For Hloubětín, the building should be a “covered village green”. The entry space should allow for bringing together, enabling and simply passively observing – the core of the community centre linking the public space of the street with the garden.

A quality of shared space.

What can a community centre provide today? What is its ideal form for Hloubětín?

Organiser of the competition