The Community Centre

The intended site is located directly in the historic core of the municipal area, and the design of the new structure should fully respect the traditional organisation of the original fabric of the village. Within the area of the historic core, there is a uniform height regulation of maximally 2 above-ground floors as well as a peaked roof (with the possibility of using the attic space).

The community centre, intended for year-round use, will primarily serve for local community activities. A necessity of the CC will be clubrooms that can be used for holding smaller community or social programs, meetings of various citizens’ groups, holding discussions or lectures, exercise classes for mothers with small children, etc.

The cafe, like the community centre, will be open year-round, serving both visitors to the centre and the general public.Adjoining the cafe is a smaller section as a children’s play area. If desired, the cafe could be temporarily used as a co-working area for working mothers or for similar activities.

The multipurpose hall with adjoining rooms should be an airy space for seasonal use (spring-autumn). It is assumed as a roofed, yet not continually heated space with the possibility of the full or partial enclosure or opening of the facade and its connection with the outside. This hall should serve primarily for informal meetings of residents, social events (weddings, celebrations, official ceremonies, balls etc.) and organising cultural and leisure activities (discussions, exhibitions, direct connection with the adjoining garden. The design for the multipurpose hall should allow for temporary heating during winter months.If necessary, this could be achieved through connecting the hall to the cafe.

The branch of the public library, relocated from its current position near the metro station Hloubětin, offering basic borrowing and information services, holding education and cultural events and programs focusing on a wide variety of age and social groups. The library should have a community role – the library as a place for civic and inter-generational encounters.

The entire object must be handicapped-accessible. Part of the design of the CC is the treatment of the adjoining public spaces – the area in front of the CC building along Hloubětinska ulice and the areas of greenery – the future CC gardens.

Landscaping of the public areas /vicinity of the CC

The frontage space to the east of the new structure of the community centre will be landscaped as a public area supplemented with street furnishings. A necessary number of parking spaces for the needs of the CC will be planned by the ‘Crusaders’ Court’ on the plot no. 2499/18 through reconstruction of the extant area (not included in the budget).

Included in the design is also the treatment of the garden adjoining the site of the CC. The garden is the property of the Prague Jewish Community, and is currently held in long-term lease by the private clinic Gyn-Centrum. The district town hall has agreed with GynCentrum on leasing the garden for the CC. The garden will serve as an area for resting and recreation, and will be closely linked with the building of the CC. One condition is limiting the parking spaces for employees to the capacity of 25 spaces along the building’s perimeter on the plot no. 7/3, cadastral area Hloubětin, and the transport connection of the car park to the roadway Hloubětinska ulice across the land of the CC. This connection will also serve for deliveries to Gyn-Centrum and for maintenance of the gardens. The transport areas should not disturb the natural character of the garden.